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Slippers Revisited

I found another slipper pattern which, while very simple, was also very customizable. I am really quite happy with the outcome, which not only keeps my toes inside but is also blessedly warm. Next on my list? Slippers for Snort, who kept wanting to try mine on.


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My feet are cold. Really, this is a common problem and I always seem to misplace last winter’s slippers by the time I need them again. As such, yesterday I went to make a new pair. I found a really cute pattern that looked like it would work up fast and got to work.Image

And then got distracted.

Then wound up eventually finishing one.

Unfortunately, even though I was able to easily adjust the pattern for size eleven feet by adding in two more straight rows (repeats of row 6) when I put it together it’s just not cute and not at all what I wanted. I think this might be fixable by changing the finishing so that you edge five stitches and work into the forth stitch on the other side (instead of the fourth and third) but … the double stitch isn’t really nice for my toes. They keep poking through. So I’m looking at other slipper patterns and will make up something else …

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