You remember those projects I told you about?

baby hat

Excuse the bad pictures, but yes, that is what you think it is! I’m having a second baby! It’s been fairly miserable so far, which has brought reactions ranging from people assuring me it’s going to be a girl to my grandpa’s question about whether or not they’ve taken a census in there yet.

Haha, really funny.


Well, we had an ultrasound, and there’s only one baby. We have a second one (which should tell us the gender) in a little under a month.  I have so much to do (including finishing Snort’s sheepie and hopefully making the baby blanket I want to) but nothing’s getting done. I’m constantly exhausted, nauseous, and weak. We actually thought for a bit that I was going to get put on bedrest, but I was just told to move more slowly and to eat better. I’d eat more if the baby would let me.

Anyway, if it’s a girl the hat is getting a flower, but I sort of am expecting a boy. Either that or I’m just really, really sick of people constantly telling me that I’m having a girl. I leave you with my other completed baby project, and hopefully I’ll get more crocheting done between now and February.

baby sweater


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  1. Melissa said

    Hooray, sweetie! They look adorable!

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