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I Taught my Son to Double-Dip

It’s amazing what children will pick up and how fast they’ll do it. My son was sampling the pizza crust last night (my DH doesn’t like to eat it with the pizza and will dip it later) and after biting two crusts I thought that it might be best just to dunk it in the marinara sauce we had with our bread sticks and let him have it that way. Not only did he love it, but he also kept dunking and biting through the entire crust.

Although I’m still not sure why he wanted the crust instead of another piece of pizza.

We’re also working on potty training, which is interesting. So far our success mostly consists of Snort telling us right after he’s peed in his diaper, sitting on his potty chair for a bit, and then flushing the toilet. Someone suggested that it might help to put him in big boy undies instead of a diaper, but first we need to learn the sign for potty. I think he’ll probably pick it up quickly and be less frustrated with it than if we tried to get him to actually use a spoken word. He’s right where he should be on speech according to the milestones, but he’s really not as advanced as I somehow expected. Of course, a few days ago I asked if he wanted mac and cheese and he said, “Mmm, cheese! Uh-oh, hot-hot!” So he’s getting there.

I’m still working on the sheepie. I’ll update about that later when I have something to really say about it.


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Ladies, Count your Stitches.

Last night I finish round 25 of the sheepie I’m making — the last round before the seven decrease rounds to finish off the body. The problem? I only have 45 stitches, and I’m supposed to have 48. I find 46 and 47 before I hit round 22, but I have to frog a total of 12 rounds of double loop stitch to find stitch number 48. Those 12 rounds represent a day and a half or maybe even two full days of work. I’m now redoing the rounds and painstakingly counting each stitch because I really don’t want to do it a third time. I think I’d just … frog the whole thing.

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Wow, it’s been a while.

I had a wrap I was working on, but I’m going to frog it … it’s not really something I want after all. A bit torn, though, between snapping a pic of it and marking it as frogged and just deleting the project since it doesn’t have any hits.

There’s been a lot going on in my life lately, made some things I’ll discuss later … and I’m currently working on a sheepie! There’s only one thing to say about that: IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

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