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Meet Arnold

So, this is (as far as I remember) my first softie. I really love this pattern, though I wish it had been a bit easier to follow. His arms came out crooked, and it took me a bit of fudging to get his legs straight. Plus I think I overstuffed him … but for a first attempt, he’s pretty good … and unbelievably cuddly. Pattern is “Arnold the Friendly Dinosaur” and found on Ravelry. It’s free, so try him out!

He was a gift for Snort’s second birthday, though he wound up getting him the same day he was finished … Snort just wouldn’t let Arnold go. So it was an early birthday dinosaur. We also went to Chuck E. Cheese’s … which was really, really traumatizing (for me) but a total blast for Snort. We aren’t going again until he asks specifically and very, very nicely. Because it’s loud and scary and full of rude children … though the kid check at the door was nice. They have a black light stamp that sets to different numbers like those old library stamps, and they stamp the kid and the parents with matching numbers and then check on the way out to make sure you have your kid. It made me feel like they’re at least trying to have a kid safe environment.


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