Merry Christmas!

I finally finished my last Christmas present today! I’m really excited about it … and I’m starting to get a callus on my left index finger, where I drag the yarn over my finger. But yes, I made presents for my son, my husband, my mother-in-law, and my local immediate family. Local only because one more gift might have made me a bit bonkers. So I took a moment to make something for myself! I used the darker green from Snort’s sweater and whipped up a crochet hook caddy. Everything I use for crocheting (except for my camera, of course) fits nicely inside … and there’s room should I locate my sadly lost hooks. Now I just need to organize my bucket’o’yarn’n’cloth so that everything is nice and easy to find and I’ll be all set.

I probably should have blocked it … and it got stretched out a bit on the edge that I edged with tiny shells. But I like it. It works, you know? Everything has a place, and so everything should be easy to find from here on out. I even have my card of yarn needles in the pocket … maybe I should have pulled it out a bit so you could see it, but well … it’s nice anyway. And look at the lovely rainbow of my H though N hooks … except for L and M. For some reason the package had J, K, and N in it. Maybe Boye doesn’t make an L? And apparently L, M, and N are a bit far from standardized in what they’re called. Oh, well. I’m pretty happy about it!


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