Gah! Tangles

Have we been over the fact that I really hate tangled yarn yet? Especially since in this case, the tangled yarn in question was being pulled from a never before used skein. It should have come out easily and been a breeze to work with. But no, it was all tangled up inside and generally so much of a pain that I wound up cutting off my work and fighting the rest of the skein into not one, but two balls. There was a little knot with a little loop around part of the yarn about halfway through that I couldn’t get undone.

After that it was smooth sailing, thankfully. And now I have three beautiful hats for three beautiful little girls. I hope my cousin loves them, and they can help keep her little girls’ heads warm. I’m hoping to get them sent out within the next few days! GAH, girls are so exciting. They’re even worth facing the horrors of tangled yarn. I’m just so hyperly excited about the whole thing, I don’t even care that the purple one turned out a little smaller than the others. I think it’s because of the difference in the yarn … either that or I lost a round somewhere. But they’re SO ADORABLE!


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  1. Melissa said

    FLOWERS, I know, right?! I love the little tri-color combination you have going on there. I still need to dig out my supplies to make her a ‘babies!’ present….although I have an idea. 😀

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