One, Two, THREE!

My cousin had her triplets! It’s a little earlier than expected, but not too much thankfully. It’s so exciting! Girls are always exciting, though. My sister and I have boys … it was really great to have an excuse to crochet something with flowers. Dinosaurs are not exactly feminine or frilly … not that the hats I decided on are, either. But flowers. And healthy babies! And pre-eclampsia … that’s absolutely no fun but something I have in common with two of my cousins now. The hats are probably too big for her babies right now, but I’d rather have them fit for a while than just for a month or so. Give the babies a chance to wear them more than once, you know?

So I delved into my stash. You might recognize most of the yarn. The yellow and green are from Snort’s sweater, and the purple … well, I had a skein of Caron Simply Soft Brites in grape left over from an afghan from about five or so years ago. I wanted coordinating hats, but I didn’t want them to be all matchy-matchy. I mean, she has three little girls — two of which are identical — and she’s going to have enough of an issue with that without having it complicated by identical hats. So one is green, one is yellow, and one is purple. A nice, springy combination, right? The only thing was, if I just rotated the color like I originally meant to … well, that means one gets a green flower. Do I want that, or not? Instead of just picking right away, I decided to leave that hat (the purple one) until last.

Unfortunately part of the way through the purple hat I got a migraine, so more there later.


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