One Present Down

I finally finished Snort’s Christmas sweater today! I didn’t work on it too much last night because my hubby took me to dinner and then to see Love & Other Drugs. Dinner was wonderful and the movie was really good, though I’m fairly certain there didn’t actually have to be that much nudity in it. Anyway, so I finished the dinosaur today, and I actually did use sewing thread instead of yarn to sew it on. I added an extra row/round to the head (I’m not sure which to call it, since I sort of continued row 2 around the end and across the other side) and replaced some of the single crochets with double crochets both to make it more head-shaped and to make it so that the neck would actually match up with the body.

So now that project is down, and I’m never going to make the mistake I did with the yarn this time again! I’m going to go ahead and buy more than I think I need — a lot more. After all, left over yarn can always be used for other projects … like I’m going to make my hubby a San Diego Charger’s stocking cap at some point. Or, to avoid any sort of claims about copyrights or anything, it’s going to be a navy blue hat with a yellow lightning bolt. Right? Of course right. But that’s not for Christmas. Yesterday when I needed a break from the sweater and the hubby was off applying for a job I started on a scarf using some Lion Brand Homespun that I’m going to surprise him with for Christmas … so shh, don’t tell. There are other Christmas gifts to be crocheted, too, so my hands are going to stay busy!



  1. Melissa said

    It’s adorable, Em! I love the Stegosaurus and I’m sure Snort will too.

  2. Emily said

    He kept biting it while I was trying to stitch it up, so I’d say he likes it pretty well. I guess next year I get to crochet during his naps …

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