Yarn Angst

Well, that’s one more lesson down. Always, always, always check the yards in a ball and don’t just assume that the ball or skein of yarn is the same size as the one called for in the pattern. No, that’s what leads to freaking out about dye lots and the most wonderful husband in the world running all over trying to get a fourth ball of dye lot 65745. At least I made good progress on the sweater; the body is done and one  sleeve is worked up. I had barely enough to do a few rows past the cuff in the other sleeve. All I can do now is wait.

And wait.

And hoping and praying is good, too. Apparently yesterday the Wal-Mart in the next town over had three balls of duckie in the dye lot I need left. And apparently my husband has issues with me freaking out and crying, and thought that it would be better for him to go (because they weren’t picking up their phone, bad Wal-Mart people!) and freeze in wind chill of zero than it was for me to go. So I put our Snort down and put our sick dog to bed, too (I really hope she gets better soon) and found myself picturing icicles dangling from my man’s fingers despite knowing that the heater in my car works perfectly well.

If all the ducks are in a row, I’ll have the yarn I need to finish the Christmas sweater. And next time I’m going to figure out how many yards I need instead of just getting however many balls it says on the pattern. And maybe I’ll get back to writing some patterns of my own, too! I came across an old one of mine tonight on Crochetville, and I was sort of thinking I might be able to check it out, possibly polish it up, and post it on here. Well, we’ll see how that — and yarn — goes.


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