Starting a Christmas Sweater

So, gauge checked, dye lot checked, everything lined up … and I’m still freaking out a little. I decided to make Snort’s Christmas dinosaur sweater in size 4, because size 2 would fit him exactly and I don’t want him to outgrow it right after he gets it. But I keep looking at my in-progress back and worrying that he won’t be able to wear it when he does get it on Christmas. And yes, I will be done by then. The arigumuri dinosaur is going to wait for his birthday, I think. He’s going to be two in just over two months now … I keep wishing we were in a position to have a second child right now, but we really can’t at the moment.

Last night I got a good start made. This morning I got back to work, got distracted by my sister’s blog and lost count of my rows momentarily (AHH!), and got back to working on a too large for my baby yellow sweater. They really named this particular shade of yarn well — it really does remind me of duckies. It’s my first time using Vanna’s Choice and I do like it, though not as much as Simply Soft. It’s a heavier yarn than the pattern calls for, but the Wal-Mart here apparently only carries sport weight yarn in the baby variety … which means baby colors and ENORMOUS skeins, apparently. I’m hoping it works out since I learned my lesson and checked my gauge … and if it’s a little thicker than it’s supposed to be, that’s okay. My boy is not a size 4, for all that I don’t want him to immediately outgrow his happy dinosaur “Christmas sweater”. So much better than those awful Christmas Sweaters that somehow still haven’t managed to die, right? Seriously. If people stopped buying them, they’d stop making them.

But itchy, glitter-infused, and ill-fitting atrocities are neither here nor there. I realized most of the way through the back that I didn’t buy enough duckie … it was an ounce more than the pattern called for, but 218 yards less. I just hope one more skein (170 yards) is enough to finish the sweater … I’d really hate to have to go back and buy a forth ball of yarn. My Snort is worth it, but I keep freaking out and thinking that Wal-Mart is going to be out of the dye lot I need. I suppose if I have to I could always make the cuffs out of one of the greens for the dinosaur … but I’d really rather not.


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