Warm Things for my Monster

It is often shoved in my face that my Snort is big for his age. When I tried to make Melissa’s Abominable Baby Slippers last year, they were too small for my son. This last Thanksgiving I found out that his 4 year old cousin (on his dad’s side) weighs 3 or 4 pounds less than he does. And then I go to make Melissa’s ‘My Baby’ Toddler Mittens and when I finished the first cuff I discovered they were, again, too small … and apparently they fit her oldest boy at  about 6 to 8 months older than Snort is now.

Well, am I going to let that stop me? No. He said ‘please’ in his adorable baby speak when I asked him if he wanted me to make him mittens. I’m making my boy mittens! This means altering the pattern. GASP! To start with I did 18 rows on the cuff instead of 14 before joining the ends, and from then on it was mostly a matter of adding four. There were 22 stitches in the first round of the hand, though now I’m thinking there maybe should have been 20 … and when I got to round 5 I skipped 10 stitches and had a total of 22 single crochets … again, not sure how that worked out. But it did.

After that, except for there being extra stitches in each row, it was mostly a matter of following the directions until row 12. Then, for the next 4 rounds, add 4 extra single crochets. After row 16 I needed extra rounds! My Snort’s fingers were too long. For row 17, I did [sc 2, sc dec] 4 times, and joined; for row 18 I single crocheted 12 times and then finished as directed on the pattern. The thumb was also too short for my monster; however, that was easier to fix. Other than adding 2 sc to each round, I just added two more rounds just like round 3 before closing the end.

So, one afternoon and some stash yarn later, I have a pair of black and yellow mittens for my baby boy. I know the black is Caron Simply Soft, but I’m not entirely sure about the yellow. It’s probably Red Heart Super Saver, but I’m not sure a yellow you bought today would be the same yellow … because I think I got it from my mom’s stash five years ago, and it had been sitting around forever before that. I really doubt that the dye lot has stayed the same that long even if they claim there isn’t a dye lot. They still dye it, right? They’re just supposedly better at it not showing.

But mittens aren’t enough! My little monster needs to have a scarf, too. Not that I think that a regular scarf would stay on an active nearly two year old … so I decided to make a tube scarf. I’m not sure what they’re really called, they probably have a special name. I can make one of these without a pattern! It’s a nice wide scarf with nice wide ribs and two yellow stripes. It should go really nicely with his mittens, and I still have an itsy bitsy bit of yellow mystery probably Super Saver yarn left! Maybe I’ll make a hat or something and use it for an accent.


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