Butterfly Garden Scarf

It’s gotten cold outside! That means time to break out the yarn and hooks, right? Well, most of mine from … whenever it was I last took the time to pick up a hook … is currently inaccessible in the shed (something I fully intend to rectify), but a couple of skeins of my favorite worsted weight yarn and a hook later, I’m in business! I bought Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue and an aluminum Boye hook, size H, and got down to hooking. I started by trying to do a scarf with mock cables, but found the pattern to be confusing. I couldn’t figure out if I was supposed to pull everything together with the rows of single crochet, or nothing, or part of it … after a frustrating evening and half of the next day, I decided I’d start with something simpler and maybe come back to that pattern.

So I found a pattern by Suzie and got to work! The butterfly detail was nicely feminine on an otherwise basic scarf. The only problem is the annoyingly uneven edges. I’m sure there’s a way to correct that “properly,” but even though I haven’t lost too much in the way of speed over my long period of crochet inactivity, I still don’t have the patience to “fix” things like that. Besides, I’m pretty sure the answer is blocking, and I hate blocking. Irons and I just don’t get along … mostly because it seems like I always manage to have access to one with a little snag on it. I should probably just buy a new one (and an ironing board), but that’s much, much lower on the list than … say … diapers and pajamas and Christmas presents.

But yes, the edges were less than satisfactory. I’d already been planning on adding a fringe. I love fringes. But those weren’t the messy edges! But it was easily fixed by doing some edging. I chained once, turned onto the long side, and proceeded to tidily single crochet down the side. It was quite refreshing not to be counting to seventeen anymore.

butterfly garden scarf

Once I’d finished the first side I did a chain fringe by chaining twenty, single crocheting once to the end of the scarf, and then repeating that until I had the entire end fringed. This gave me eighteen loops, which is a quite pretty fringe! As I proceeded edging down the other side, I wove in the original tail. At the other end once I’d finished the fringe, I finished it with a slip stitch and wove in the tail.

And voila! One decently feminine scarf in a nice shade of blue. The ball is what is left of the skein of yarn I used for it, so maybe you can guess how much yarn the scarf used. Maybe 2-3 ounces?

My next project? Mittens for my son. He even said please when I asked if he wanted me to make him some.


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  1. Melissa said

    It looks lovely, chica!

    …Are you on Ravelry? Look me up if you are!

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