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Five Penny Neckwarmer/Headband

Five Penny Neckwarmer/Headband

This pattern is untested. If you see any problems, post a comment or contact me on Ravelry.

K hook

small amount (estimated 25-50 yards) worsted weight yarn (Knitting Acrylic Yarn pictured)

Gauge: 1 shell measures 1 inch by 2 inches at widest points

ch 55, join without twisting chain

Round 1: ch 3, 2 dc in same st, * sk 5 ch, 5 dc in next st *, repeat from * to * 7 times, sk 5 ch and 2 dc in last st; join to starting ch 3

Round 2: ch 3, 2 dc in same st, * sk 4 st and 5 dc in next st (top of shell) *, repeat from * to * 7 times, sk 4 st and 2 dc in last st; join to starting ch 3

Round 3-5: repeat round 2; finish and weave in all ends.


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Flirty Flip Hat

Flirty Flip Hat

This pattern is untested. If you find any errors, please post a comment or contact me on Ravelry.

H hook

250-300 yards Worsted Weight Yarn (Caron Simply Soft used in example)

Check after Round 11 to make sure the hat is large enough for your head; if it is not, increase for another round.

Abbreviations: ch = chain, st = stitch, hdc = half double crochet, flo = front loop only

Starting in a magic circle, ch 2


ch 3 and work in farthest ch from hook

Round 1: hdc 6, join (6 hdc)

Round 2: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st] 6 times, join (12 hdc)

Round 3: ch 2, [hdc in next st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (18 hdc)

Round 4: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st, hdc in next 2 st] around, join (24 hdc)

Round 5: ch 2, [hdc in next 3 st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (30 hdc)

Round 6: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st, hdc in next 4 st] around, join (36 hdc)

Round 7: ch 2, [hdc in next 5 st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (42 hdc)

Round 8: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st, hdc in next 6 st] around, join (48 hdc)

Round 9: ch 2, [hdc in next 7 st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (54 hdc)

Round 10: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st, hdc in next 8 st] around, join (60 hdc)

Round 11: ch 2, [hdc in next 9 st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (66 hdc)

Round 12: ch 2, hdc around, join (66 hdc)

Round 13-24: repeat round 12

Round 25: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st, hdc in next 10 st] around, join (72 hdc)

Round 26: ch 2, [hdc in next 11 st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (78 hdc)

Round 27: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st, hdc in next 12 st] around, join (84 hdc)

Round 28: ch 2, [hdc in next 13 st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (90 hdc)

Round 29: ch 2, [hdc 2 times in same st, hdc in next 14 st] around, join (96 hdc)

Round 30: ch 2, [hdc in next 15 st, hdc 2 times in same st] around, join (102 hdc)

Finish off. You might try decorating the hat around the brim or right before it with ribbons, bows, flowers, etc.

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Merry Christmas!

I finally finished my last Christmas present today! I’m really excited about it … and I’m starting to get a callus on my left index finger, where I drag the yarn over my finger. But yes, I made presents for my son, my husband, my mother-in-law, and my local immediate family. Local only because one more gift might have made me a bit bonkers. So I took a moment to make something for myself! I used the darker green from Snort’s sweater and whipped up a crochet hook caddy. Everything I use for crocheting (except for my camera, of course) fits nicely inside … and there’s room should I locate my sadly lost hooks. Now I just need to organize my bucket’o’yarn’n’cloth so that everything is nice and easy to find and I’ll be all set.

I probably should have blocked it … and it got stretched out a bit on the edge that I edged with tiny shells. But I like it. It works, you know? Everything has a place, and so everything should be easy to find from here on out. I even have my card of yarn needles in the pocket … maybe I should have pulled it out a bit so you could see it, but well … it’s nice anyway. And look at the lovely rainbow of my H though N hooks … except for L and M. For some reason the package had J, K, and N in it. Maybe Boye doesn’t make an L? And apparently L, M, and N are a bit far from standardized in what they’re called. Oh, well. I’m pretty happy about it!

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Gah! Tangles

Have we been over the fact that I really hate tangled yarn yet? Especially since in this case, the tangled yarn in question was being pulled from a never before used skein. It should have come out easily and been a breeze to work with. But no, it was all tangled up inside and generally so much of a pain that I wound up cutting off my work and fighting the rest of the skein into not one, but two balls. There was a little knot with a little loop around part of the yarn about halfway through that I couldn’t get undone.

After that it was smooth sailing, thankfully. And now I have three beautiful hats for three beautiful little girls. I hope my cousin loves them, and they can help keep her little girls’ heads warm. I’m hoping to get them sent out within the next few days! GAH, girls are so exciting. They’re even worth facing the horrors of tangled yarn. I’m just so hyperly excited about the whole thing, I don’t even care that the purple one turned out a little smaller than the others. I think it’s because of the difference in the yarn … either that or I lost a round somewhere. But they’re SO ADORABLE!

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One, Two, THREE!

My cousin had her triplets! It’s a little earlier than expected, but not too much thankfully. It’s so exciting! Girls are always exciting, though. My sister and I have boys … it was really great to have an excuse to crochet something with flowers. Dinosaurs are not exactly feminine or frilly … not that the hats I decided on are, either. But flowers. And healthy babies! And pre-eclampsia … that’s absolutely no fun but something I have in common with two of my cousins now. The hats are probably too big for her babies right now, but I’d rather have them fit for a while than just for a month or so. Give the babies a chance to wear them more than once, you know?

So I delved into my stash. You might recognize most of the yarn. The yellow and green are from Snort’s sweater, and the purple … well, I had a skein of Caron Simply Soft Brites in grape left over from an afghan from about five or so years ago. I wanted coordinating hats, but I didn’t want them to be all matchy-matchy. I mean, she has three little girls — two of which are identical — and she’s going to have enough of an issue with that without having it complicated by identical hats. So one is green, one is yellow, and one is purple. A nice, springy combination, right? The only thing was, if I just rotated the color like I originally meant to … well, that means one gets a green flower. Do I want that, or not? Instead of just picking right away, I decided to leave that hat (the purple one) until last.

Unfortunately part of the way through the purple hat I got a migraine, so more there later.

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One Present Down

I finally finished Snort’s Christmas sweater today! I didn’t work on it too much last night because my hubby took me to dinner and then to see Love & Other Drugs. Dinner was wonderful and the movie was really good, though I’m fairly certain there didn’t actually have to be that much nudity in it. Anyway, so I finished the dinosaur today, and I actually did use sewing thread instead of yarn to sew it on. I added an extra row/round to the head (I’m not sure which to call it, since I sort of continued row 2 around the end and across the other side) and replaced some of the single crochets with double crochets both to make it more head-shaped and to make it so that the neck would actually match up with the body.

So now that project is down, and I’m never going to make the mistake I did with the yarn this time again! I’m going to go ahead and buy more than I think I need — a lot more. After all, left over yarn can always be used for other projects … like I’m going to make my hubby a San Diego Charger’s stocking cap at some point. Or, to avoid any sort of claims about copyrights or anything, it’s going to be a navy blue hat with a yellow lightning bolt. Right? Of course right. But that’s not for Christmas. Yesterday when I needed a break from the sweater and the hubby was off applying for a job I started on a scarf using some Lion Brand Homespun that I’m going to surprise him with for Christmas … so shh, don’t tell. There are other Christmas gifts to be crocheted, too, so my hands are going to stay busy!

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What a Sweater!

So last night my hubby gets home with not one, but two balls of Vanna’s Choice in duckie of the proper dye lot. Apparently the store had three balls, but only two were the right dye lot. I turned out not to need the fifth ball, but at the same time it’s nice to have it just in case … and because there’s this little bit left from making the sweater. That means I have a little more than a ball of duckie to make something with later on instead of a tiny remnant that I’d be staring at and wondering what, other than a magic yarn ball, I could do with it. So it’s taken me three intensive days to get this far, and I still have to crochet up the stegosaurus to go on the front. I might try altering the circles and using a magic circle instead of a starting chain … but I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to shake the boat that much, especially after it took me so much work and sweat and tears to get this done. I’m so relieved that I just have the appliqué left.

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